First, let’s talk about this site for just one moment.

See, this website is set up as a two-column deal. The left side has the words, while the right side has pictures to visually explain what these words are even referring to. But in order to get the pictures, you gotta click paragraphs which light up, like this one.

As for the content, basically I’ll be going stage-by-stage and talking about pretty much every situation and why it’s well-designed. Yes it’s tedious and boring and half this stuff you could learn just by playing anyway. I didn’t mean for this to happen. I only intended to go through and point out the oh shit! moments, whether visceral or cerebral. Turns out that’s most of the moments.

Finally, if you can, I’d highly recommend giving this game a try for yourself. Analysis has a way of ripping out the glue that holds a game together, treating (and then conveying) it as a sequence of intellectual exercises. And while this is useful for its own reasons, in a way it kinda misses the grand point of it all. Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s a way to express said point with words; it only manifests through interaction. So here I only explain the mind of Garegga. In order to understand its soul you’ll need to play it.

Or at the very least, check out a replay or something.


So you just wanna read bullet points instead of pages? Well OK, here’s why Garegga don’t suck.